Friday, June 10, 2011

Missed us? Here's Our Top 5 Excuses on Why it's Hard to Update a blog in Spring.

Top 5 Reasons Why it's Hard to Update a Blog in Spring...

Yes, some people do it and do it well. But we're new to this and there are so many temptations in spring!

  1. Baseball. If you have children playing it, you know.
  2. The garden. This is the time of year filled with potential, we are dreaming of tomato sandwiches and dilly beans, so the work is fun. But, it’s still work.
  3. Everything winds down in spring. If you are involved in something, there is some big event in the spring. Usually that you need to organize. I'll throw birthdays in this category, because every weekend there are birthday parties galore.
  4. The great outdoors. It’s so stunning out, the blue skies and green grass and flowers….
  5. Baseball. See above.