Our Top 5

Top 5 things to do with your kids over spring break:

1. Take back the student ghetto with your own little students. Devour a loaf of bread from All Good Bakers, grab a sandwich from Sunspot then a cup of coffee from Hudson River Coffee House. Remind yourself why you live in walking distance to some great places and remind the college students that kids are cute and worth being role models for.

2. Visit the Albany Art Room (encourage them to stay in Albany when they move!) and treat yourself and your kids to goodies from Scratch. If you love iced coffee there is no better one anywhere. Afterwards, go ahead back to Scratch and grab lunch and have a picnic in the park.

3. Check out the Albany Pine Bush Preserve. They have activities all week.

4. It's getting warmer out and it's vacation. Time for frozen treats! Get gelato at Crisan one day then go ahead and compare to the ice cream at Emack and Bolio's. Repeat. You might want to toss in your localStewart's ice cream for kicks. It is vacation.

5. Take advantage of your local library programs. During vacations my family spends almost every day at the library, they always have great activities for families over breaks.

Five isn't enough? How about a Bonus: Take in a show. Check out Steamer 10's great vacation shows.

Top 5 Coolest Things at the Albany Public Library!

1. You can make the library your office-away-from-home by using the free Wi-Fi.

2. You can download—and keep—digital music for free if you have an Albany Public Library card.

4. You can visit the just-opened Albany History Room on the second floor of the Main Library. Here you can learn about Albany’s fascinating history in books, pamphlets, clippings, newspapers, and photographs. You can learn about the lives of Albany citizens through city directories, census records, and newspapers. The Collection is open to researchers during regular Library hours. For more specialized assistance contact Ellen Gamache at 427-4327.

5. You can get free homework help and tutoring for your school-age children at the libraries. Just call your neighborhood library to sign up.

Albany Spark Readers Top 5 Library Favorites!

1. Everyone loves their neighborhood library.

2. Great staff.

3. Surprisingly, the overdue fees made the list because they are low and for their convenience of payment methods.
4. Great selection, in a variety of media.

5. The child-friendly atmosphere of all libraries, including the great children's programming.

Top 5 Reasons I love to live in Pine Hills

1. Walk to: restaurants, the library, supermarket, movies, schools, the park. 
(this could be its own Top 5!)
2. Beautiful old houses.
3. Sound of children running around having fun.
4. Walking distance to great friends for our children and us.
5. Amazing neighbors!

  1. New blog posts will pop up in your news feed.
  2. You can just look at the beautiful photo Viaduct photo without having words on top of it.
  3. You’ll be helping what we hope is positive change in our great community.
  4. You can tell people that you are really going on Facebook to read the community blog posts.
  5. After 25 fans, we get a username!
Welcome Signs of Spring
  1. Crocuses!
  2. The first day you don’t need a coat to go outside.
  3. Seeing your neighbors outside again after the long winter. 
  4. The smell of the first barbeque. 
  5. The splash of puddles from children with giant rubber boots! 
Reasons we started this blog
1.  Albany's too good a city to let waste away
2.  Information about Albany and how it works is too hard to come by
3.  The "main stream media" in Albany isn't focused enough on Albany per se
4.  Intelligent, meaningful, civil conversation is always a good thing
5. We wanted to make sure we had no free time left in our lives whatsoever