Our Policies

When creating posts, each person in our blog will be putting something felt to be worthwhile into the world.  These submissions are the beginning of the discourse we hope to have.  The amazing part of blogging is that through comments, it can truly become a conversation.  We welcome and look forward to your comments to bring our own spark of an idea to a higher level.

However, not all comments further dialog, and with this in mind, we intend to carefully moderate our comments with the following guidelines:

  • Dissension is an important part of a healthy discussion, attacks are not.
  • We welcome links that are pertinent to the stated topic, but any links that do not seem to further the dialog will be deleted or not included.
  • We are using our own names and encourage you to do so as well.  While there are times when we all need anonymity, anonymous comments and clear pseudonym comments will be well scrutinized before being posted.  If you would like a comment posted anonymously, including your reasons why may help this process. 
  • Language is something we value.  Please use it wisely, including refraining from profanity or other offensive language.  In the digital age, grammar has been given a back seat to speed; we spend time editing our words and appreciate those who do the same.
  • As stated above, we view the comments as a chance to further the conversation; if for any reason a comment does not do that, we reserve the right to delete the comment.
  • We hope to moderate comments at least once a day, please keep that in mind when participating.

Thank you for your interest in our city and in your hopes and desire to work with us to share ideas to make it better.

[Posted Mar 15, 2010]