Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Your Albany School Board Election

The Albany School Board has two of its seven seats open right now. So, you get to vote not once but twice on Tuesday November 8th.

Does it matter?

Heck yeah.

The School Board governs our 15 public schools and is responsible for 10,400 students. Of these, about 8,400 are enrolled in public schools and about 2,000 in taxpayer-supported charter schools. The school budget is $206 million and constitutes more than half of your property taxes.

There are three candidates running for these two available seats. We've had oen candidate forum, last night at Albany High, graciously hosted by the League of Women Voters.

Next Monday Oct 24th there is another candidate forum, this time at the Albany Public Library main branch, hosted by the Albany chapter of the NAACP. There will be one last forum; as soon as we have details we'll post that info.

Come to a forum, learn about the candidates, and please exercise your right to vote on Tuesday, Nov 8 !