Monday, May 16, 2011

Two Seats on Library Board up for Election

People only seem to pay attention to things when it comes to money. This is especially true when looking at the Library and School District votes. People get up in arms about the budget, but then barely pay attention when seats on the boards that create that budget are up for election. If you are really outraged or excited about the library budget vote, there are two seats up for election on Tuesday and you should put effort into researching the person you are voting for on the library board. They will help determine the future budgets and direction of the library.

The library has asked each of the candidates running for office for a bio and has put it here on their website. Two candidates will be elected, which means that as voters, we can vote for up to two candidates (if you feel passionately about a candidate, you can just vote for one, which is called a "bullet vote"). These candidates are, in ballot order:

1. Donna Dixon
2. Felix Mendoza
3. Jose M. Lopez Jr.
4. Timothy D. Smith

Find out about them and support the one that shares the same vision for the library that you do. Then go out and vote and encourage others to do so as well. The more citizens voting, the better our city!

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