Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Top 5: What are your library favorites?

For this week's Top 5, we're looking for some input. Our libraries have recently undergone quite a bit of construction and expansion. What do you love about the libraries? We'll compile the results for an upcoming Top 5.

So, Albany, what is YOUR Top 5 things about the Albany Public Libraries?


  1. 1. The outside courtyard at Bach branch.
    2. They accept VISA for late fees.
    3. Preschool friendly area at Bach branch with oodles of neatly bagged puzzles.
    4. Great CD catalogs and you can borrow 50 at a time at the Guilderland branch (I know, a suburban location, but under the Albany Library system)
    5. The Delaware branch has the 2nd season of In Treatment on DVD.

  2. Several people posted their favorites on Facebook ( for our fan page!).
    MB says: My favorite thing about the library is free books! I don't know how we would afford to buy enough books to keep up with the readers in the family, and I know we wouldn't have enough room to store so many books. Children's programming is my second fav.

    MF says: My favorite thing about the library is the low overdue fees. We can't seem to return them on time, but the late fees are lower than buying the books. Also, I don't have to store them!

    MK says: The one in my 'hood of course! To answer the question, I love that the library has convienent hours, friendly staff and great media selections....

  3. The staff are so welcoming and friendly, even when I have two rambunctious kids in tow. I also love all the different story times and.that reservations are not required. I love that there are spaces for older kids, too.

  4. I love our local branch that we can walk to, love the staff, love the child friendly nature of the libraries, I also love all of the things that are available on line. You can download songs, it's fantastic!