Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Top 5: Welcome Signs of Spring!

The Friday Top 5

Rating things is a common occurrence in our society.  At the end of each year there are lists on the top news stories, top blogs, top books.  We also love to ask: What’s your favorite color?  What’s your three favorite songs?  If you were stranded on a desert island, which five things would you bring with you? 

The beauty of a rating list is that it quickly encapsulates the heart of a topic, it is as informative as it is fun.  On this blog, we hope to collect many Top 5’s.  Each Friday we’ll either unveil a Top 5 or solicit suggestions for an upcoming one.  The subjects of our Top 5 will be as varied and interesting as our city.  The week following, you’ll be able to see the new list on the Top 5 tab as well as a blog post.  If you have ideas about a subject, we are always looking for them!  Email them to:  

But with spring in the air, it seemed like we needed to celebrate it so here’s our Top 5 this week:

Top 5 Welcome Signs of Spring

  1. Crocuses!
  2. The first day you don’t need a coat to go outside.
  3. Seeing your neighbors outside again after the long winter. 
  4. The smell of the first barbeque. 
  5. The splash of puddles from children with giant rubber boots! 

What are your favorite signs of spring, Albany

Any suggestions for upcoming Top 5 lists?  

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