Monday, March 14, 2011

Why a Duck?

This old Library of Congress photo of the Hawk Street viaduct (or “why a duck?” in the old Marx Brothers skit) symbolizes much about Albany. In the foreground, we have weeds growing in the gutter – a sure sign of the decay that comes from neglect of our resources. In the middle distance, the buildings of the Big Government for which Albany is known. In the background, the construction of the Corning Tower symbolizes the continuing dominance of government for years to come. Out of sight live the people, invisible.  And of course the viaduct itself is long gone.


But the viaduct was a pathway, and if there is one thing we need today it is a pathway. We need a way forward in Albany, a way that leads into the future without forgetting our past. Albany has much to celebrate and much to overcome. Where we go and how we get there is up to us. 

We created Albany Spark as a space to begin this conversation. All of us agree Albany has unrealized potential. We have significant problems too, but if we didn’t think they could be fixed we wouldn’t be here. 

That's why a duck, that's why we're here.  So...Where do we go from here, Albany? 

1 comment:

  1. Viaduct? Vy not a chicken?

    Looking forward to seeing this site grow as a resource for the kind of civic discourse that is sorely lacking in our society.