Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Made in Albany

Made in Albany: a list of businesses that are Albany Owned and Operated
This is a time of scary economic forecasts for our city. The governor’s budget is dire and both the school district and city have a long road of belt tightening ahead of them. Albany has always been unique. Being a capital city can have its perks, many people who live here were less affected by the recession because of the continuing jobs with the state and the colleges that are here. However, it has its drawbacks as well. Most Senators and Legislators, although they live in our city part time and drive down the same pot-holed streets do not consider our city home. This view of Albany as a place to work instead of a place to live is older than the Empire State Plaza with its highway connections out of the city.
So what can we do? We can begin by looking at where we spend our money. Every dollar we spend within Albany is a dollar we put toward the future of our city. Most dollars you spend outside of our city you could just as easily spend inside of it. It also does not have to have a high price tag attached to it, if you usually go to Yuppy Chopper in Slingerlands, you could just as easily go to the Co-op, Hannaford or Price Chopper on Central Ave. When you do that, you are sending a clear message to those companies that Albany is viable and worth being part of.
You can go further than this. There are many Albany businesses that are owned by Albany tax payers. Need a cup of coffee on Lark Street? Stop in to Scratch, owned by an Albany resident. Grab a muffin or cupcake too, you won’t regret it. Hankering for Mexican? Owners of El Mariachi and El Loco all live in Albany. Want to go for a drink? Owners of Juniors, The Stone Crow, The Pub, and The Point live in Albany. If you do need to go to the grocery store, try stopping in to the Honest Weight Co-op, where many of the owners and people who work there live in Albany. Need artwork for your walls? Buy from an Albany artist, there are amazing artists producing work right in our fair city.
So, let’s make this happen. Spend your dollars where you live. Beyond that, help create a “Made in Albany” list of businesses, click on the “Albany Owned and Operated” tab and look at our list so far. Are you an Albany business owner who lives in Albany, or do you go to a fabulous Albany place that is owned by someone who lives here? Leave the info in the comments section. We’ll keep a compiled list for you to check out before you go shopping.
It’s time we remind people what a great place Albany is to live by supporting our neighbors!

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